Kangaroo Island; on assignment


Kangaroo island Hiking

Described as Australia's Galapagos, Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third largest island and sits off the coast of South Australia, a mere 30 minute flight from the city of Adelaide.

Back in May I had the pleasure of photographing a story for this months (August)  Qantas magazine on the island, and it involved pulling on the hiking boots for some serious walking....more specifically, hiking part of the recently launched 61 km Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail  from the luxurious Southern Ocean Lodge.

And while myself, writer Jo Mckay and our Southern Ocean Lodge guide had to deal with some pretty heavy rain at times and spent a lot of time covered in endless protective layers, nothing could take away from the islands breathtaking beauty and the pleasure of hiking its sandy beaches, bushland paths and clifftop trails.

Kangaroo Island and Southern Ocean Lodge

While many hikers make the designated KIWT camping grounds their place of rest the Southern Ocean lodge is the luxurious alternative and is an experience in itself. Set amongst luscious bushland it overlooks the spectacular Hanson Bay with its wild and mesmerising ocean at your feet.

Southern Ocean Lodge KI

If you are staying at the lodge and enjoying its comforts you could quite easily be forgiven for never wanting to step foot outside! However, from inside the lodge it's actually impossible not to be drawn out into the great outdoors, for you are endlessly teased and enticed by its beauty via the lodge's incredible wrap around floor to ceiling windows. This also means you are able to enjoy that glass of red by the open fire with a good book and not feel like you are missing out on the natural beauty of this magnificent coastline.

Truly, if you love nature, the ocean, very cute marsupials and some deep luxurious bath time overlooking the ocean this is most definitely the place for you.

Millie x

PS: From this December Qantas are commencing direct flights from Adelaide (year round) and from Melbourne (during the months of December and January), so it's easier than ever to get to this South Australian gem.