Cradle Mountain - Into The Wild


5% of the total purchase price of each order in this collection will be donated to Bush Heritage Australia, an independent not-for-profit that buys and manages land, and partners with Aboriginal people, protecting our irreplaceable landscapes and our magnificent native species forever.


My hope is that these prints reflect some of the extraordinary beauty of our natural world. May they not only bring  a sense of wonder, adventure, stillness and calm to your home or work space, may they also help to inspire and energise you.

Let these prints transport you to your inner wild, and to where it is you feel the most joy and peace.


Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, Australia is a world heritage listed wilderness area of such extraordinary beauty that one can not help but be humbled by its wonders.  

I had the privilege of immersing myself in her pristine beauty for a number of days, during which time I found the calm and solitude that I so crave, and that genuinely fills my heart with love and gratitude.

Hiking solo with my camera I walked into her ancient rainforests, crossed over her alpine streams and her button grass plains, passed under her jagged mountain peaks and walked around her glacial lakes that were formed millions of years ago.

Being immersed in nature, feeling her energy and enjoying the freedom and solitude  I experience in her presence is when and where I feel most at home in the world.