Salty Days


5% of the total purchase price of each order in this collection will be donated to the Australian Marine Conservation Society, a not for profit society taking action to protect our precious oceans and marine life.

Australians love life at the beach; summer days are spent riding the surf, playing in the ocean, and on the sand. 

When the summer sun begins to warm up our island home, we throw on our cossies, slip on our thongs, slap on the sun cream (the Australian sun can burn you to a crisp) and we head to the coast.

Eskies are packed with cold drinks and sandwiches, inflatable flamingos hang out of car windows, surboards, stand up boards and kayaks are hitched onto car roofs or thrown into the back of utes, boogie boards of assorted colours hitch a ride as well! Then the humans squeeze in and the fun begins.

Sometimes we even drive onto our beaches; then we hammer our tents and umbrellas  into the soft white sand, throw our towels down, pour the g & t's, and pass around the slices of sweet watermelon.

A day on an Aussie beach is chilled, there's no bling, no need for it! We have a big blue sky overhead, the ocean lapping at our feet, the sand and salt between our toes, and that brightly coloured boogie board to bring us back to shore while riding that frothy white wave.