Poster Bundle - Arriving By Boat AND Positano Summer Morning




A Bundle = 2 poster prints - 1 of each print of the same size

Also available without text (Image Only)

Please mention in the cart special instructions if you prefer image only (no text)

Left Print titled 'Arriving By Boat' - The sun was high in the sky and the heat beating down on the Amalfi Coast when I shot this scene. As I was walking down from the village of Praiano to the sea for a refreshing swim the cutest small boat arrived to shore, a man hopped out, tied her up and headed for the beach club. La dolce Vita!

Right Print titled 'Positano Summer Morning V2' This Positano Poster print was shot on a beautiful hot morning on Spaggia Grande beach. The splendid colours of Positano village and its quaint fishing huts pop against the deep blue of a summer sky, and are so wonderfully co-ordinated with the pastel coloured clothing of the people making their way to the water's edge.

These two posters will brighten your interiors with big rays of Italian sunshine and a huge splash of coastal colour.

Printed On - Ilford Galerie fine art textured 270 gsm silk matt paper - 25% cotton 75% cellulose, with a soft textured matt feel to it.

Available in 4 sizes - A0 - 84  x 119cm - (33 x 47 inches) | A1 - 84 x 59.5 cm - (33 x 23 inches) | A2 - 59.5 x 42 cm -  (23 x 16.5 inches) | A3 - 30 x 42 cm - (11.5 x 16.5 inches)

All prints are unframed and we are currently looking at framing options. Stay tuned!