Send Me Your Wall


 Displaying art in your home or office can inspire and energise, it can transport you to a place of nostalgia and wonder, as well as bring to life a previously blank space.


SEND ME YOUR WALL is a new free service I am offering to those of you who may be interested in purchasing a print and would prefer to visualise the piece in your chosen space prior to purchasing.  Please note, by choosing this service you are under no obligation to purchase.

It's also super easy!

All you need to do is;

(a) send me via email a photograph of your wall or shelf space, (please shoot the image as square on as possible, using as much light as possible by opening doors and windows for maximum available light).

(b) let me know the print you are interested in

(c) give me the dimensions of the wall and the size of the print you are interested in,  (please note there are 4 available sizes in the shop). I can also recommend the size I feel would best suit this space.  

Note - all prints are made with a white border unless requested otherwise (see FAQ page for more details). A matt board will be added to the mock up within the frame making the overall finished framed print approximately 10cm wider and longer than the original print size. This is an approximation.


Colour options to choose for the mock up include; white, light/ dark timber or black (note this is only for the mock up, I don't offer framing as a service).

I will then use your image to have a mock up made with the print of your choice and return the completed image to you within 3 business days.


Please refer to FAQ for more details.

Email to -