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Tasmania photographic prints featuring Cradle Mountain wilderness

 Wilderness Print


Displaying art can be an overwhelming process for some.  Visualising how a  piece will look in your chosen space can indeed sometimes be difficult, even for the most creative of people. There may be decisions around whether to make a statement with one larger piece of artwork versus creating a story with two or three smaller pieces.


cradle mountain wall art print featuring the wilderness of Cradle Mountain National Park Tasmania

 Valley Wilderness Print


Check out details for my new service SEND ME YOUR WALL at the end of this post and learn how it will help you visualise your choice of print in your home or office space.

 Wall art nature photography cradle mountain tasmania

JUST LANDED - NEW RELEASE - Cradle Mountain Footprints Print


There are a number of ways of incorporating photographic prints into your home or office, the wall is often the most obvious choice, and yet there are other ways in which to make a statement with your artwork.


framed nature wall art cradle mountain national park tasmania prints

Pandani Family Print


nature wall art cradle mountain wall art prints

Valley Walk Print 

Leaning framed prints is a great way of displaying them in your chosen spaces, using the wall to lean larger prints and shelves or mantlepieces for the smaller pieces. Doing this also means there are a lot less holes in the wall, and you can move them around easily from space to space!  Considerations include the size of the space and the aesthetic you are looking to create.

 Curated pieces in different sizes is always visually interesting. 


nature photography prints cradle mountain wall art prints 

Treading Lightly Print


You may have questions around the colour of the frame, framers are usually very helpful in this regards, and are always great places to play with all the different alternatives of not just colour but material, remember if its a wood frame to choose a sustainable product.


wilderness wall art nature cradle mountain prints

Mountain Stream Print

Perhaps you would like to see how a particular print looks next to other artwork already in your interior space, or would like to see how it works visually with your furniture or other decorative pieces. 


 Hiking the overland track Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Into The Wild Print


SEND ME YOUR WALL is a new free service I am offering to those of you who may be interested in purchasing a print and would prefer to visualise the piece in your chosen space prior to purchasing. Please note, by choosing this service you are under no obligation to purchase.

It's super easy!

All you need to do is;

(a) send me via email a photograph of your wall space, or shelf space, (please shoot the image as square on as possible, using as much light as possible by opening doors and windows and allowing as much available light in as you can).

(b) let me know the dimensions of the wall and the particular print and size of print you are interested in.

Once I have received the image and details I will then have your image mocked up as best as possible and return the completed image to you within 3 business days.

Please refer to the SEND ME YOUR PRINT page for further details.


cradle mountain Tasmania hiking overland track cradle mountain lodge

 Left Alpine Stream Print Right Forest Track Print



There are currently 4 sizes of prints available in the shop, from the smaller 12 x 18 inches (30 x 46 cm) to the extra large size of 31 x 47 inches (80 x 120 cm).

Should you prefer another size please let me know and I can customise the print size for your ideal space.

Please refer to the FAQ page for further size details.

If you have any other queries or questions, please get in touch, I'd love to have a chat with you.

Refer to the Contact page for my email address.

Millie xx

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