Salty Days; Australia At The Beach Print Collection

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 © Millie Brown

 Heat Wave available as a limited edition print


It's summer 2021 and as Australians, we aren't, (very unusually and due to covid) travelling overseas. This and the fact that we have an ever changing state border situation most of us are staying pretty close to home, giving us the opportunity to be still and appreciate the unique beauty of our home states.

We are without doubt a lucky bunch of people in terms of the incredible places that exist in our own back yard.

Here in South Australia some of the beaches, mainly those not far from the city, are busier than ever, and I'm actually very much enjoying photographing them, for there are so many little stories that play out on a crowded beach. We learn a little a bit about how we as Australians interact in a public space, and what it is that brings us joy.  

One beach that I can never imagine being overly crowded is long beach in Robe. This is a beach that runs some 17 kms, and while families and friends park and play close to each other, there's plenty of sand and sea for everyone.


Print of Robe long beach wall art

 Long Beach Robe available as a limited edition print © Millie Brown 


I have now finally given my Robe prints their forever home in the shop, (until they sell out)! The collection is titled SALTY DAYS and is my celebration of those wonderful salty days spent on the sand with the ocean at our feet and a big blue sky overhead.

They also now sit alongside a couple of new additions to the shop, Heat Wave and At The Ocean, and I will be adding more over the summer period. Both of these new addition prints feature a day at the Second Valley beach situated on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula, and were shot on New Years Day 2021, our first in the time of Covid!

This South Australian gem is apparently one of the most instagrammed places in South Australia, something I was not aware of at the time I was hanging out and photographing there. I am however not at all surprised given its stunning and spectacular location. 


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Heat Wave (left) & At The Ocean (right) are available as limited edition prints 


The beach itself is surrounded by rolling sunburned (green in winter) hills on one side and steep rocky cliff faces that fall into the ocean on the other.  There are gorgeous little caves and swim throughs to explore and a reef full of ocean life some 400 metres out from shore, and for those a little more active and adventurous some great cliff jumping to be had!

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 ©Millie Brown 

Another appealing aspect for me is that besides a number of shacks in the area, a jetty, camp ground and general store there is really no other infrastructure at Second Valley. It's simply a beach surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape, which you are also able to climb and explore by foot.

So, if you feel like a dose of summer and a splash of sunshine, head to Salty Days in the link below, it will take you directly to the ocean.

Millie xx

 PS - I have added a new size to the shop, the (12 x 18 inch) 30 x 46 cm print, a gorgeous smaller size for leaning up on a ledge, shelf or hanging on the wall.