Lemon festival in Menton, France


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© Millie Brown 2013

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menton france blog, lemon festival menton, lemon festival blog,

© Millie Brown 2013

If I didn't know better I would have sworn the confetti falling on me was snow, it was that cold in Menton!

After 2 hours on the streets with my camera I sincerely regretted having been too lazy to climb back up the stairs to grab my scarf and gloves before boarding the train.  It was freezing, but fun.

It's February, so it's the lemon festival (La fête du Citron) in Menton (they are celebrating it's 80th year), and the streets are swarming with lemons, oranges, performers and floats.

Not even the freezing wet weather could dampen the spirits of the crowd or the performers, and I relished the photo opportunity. So please enjoy the snaps because I froze my butt off getting them! :-)


Millie x

Map of the French Riviera

Practical Information

Menton is located on the French Riviera (at the eastern end, only minutes from the Italian border). Closest international airport is Nice, France.

Public transport from Nice; by bus, Lignes d'Azur - Bus Line no 81 or 100 (1 euro) -  / by train, Voyage sncf