Cassie Thring the Artist paints Hugo the dog

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© Millie Brown


cassie thring,

© Millie Brown

The most exciting part of my Christmas this year was waiting to see my parents reaction to our (me and my sibling's) best kept Christmas secret, the unveiling of Hugo the portrait and our present of their much loved, extremely spoiled and very large dog.
To be able to commission Cassie one of South Australia's most talented and exhibited artists to capture Hugo on canvas was one of the most exciting elements of the surprise.  I am a huge admirer of her talent and creativity.  She is not only an immensely gifted artist but is also one of the warmest and wittiest people I know. An all round great girl.
The reaction, very merry indeed! Cassie has captured Hugo to a 'tee', the special Hugo expression with his soft caring eyes that we know so well absolutely shines.
Cassie works from her studio in the Adelaide hills, where she sculpts with clay, and works with ceramics and paint.  Visit her website here, get a glimpse of some of her unique work in both sculpture and painting, and see why she is in such high demand as an artist.
Millie xx

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