French Riviera Poster Menton La Vieille Ville - Version 2


This French Riviera Print features the colourful village of Menton. A jewel in the Cote d'Azur's crown, this gorgeous medieval village overlooks the shimmering sea of it's very own palm fringed beach.

Here the earthy ochre tones of the village facades seem pastel against the deep azur of the sky on this hot summer day.

This print was shot as I was walking down from the beautiful Place Saint-Michel, where the historic baroque Saint Michel Basilica stands majestically.

Should you wander further into the old village and onto its tiny cobbled pedestrian only streets it is as if you are stepping back in time! Children play, cats bask in the shade on windowsills, and shutters close for the midday siesta as the summer's heat closes in.

“Menton. The start of Italy is nearby, you can feel it in the air”, wrote Flaubert.

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