Ceramic Elephant - Baby Barbar


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This is Baby Barbar, named after Barbar from the gorgeous children's book series of the same name.

Baby Barbar is a touch bigger than Olorien but he's still only small. From his cute little bottom to the end of his cute long trunk he's 13 cm, and  he stands approximately 4.5 cm tall. While he's just a baby he'll fit right in whatever space you choose for him. He certainly doesn't take up much room and he'll always remind you of how precious our wild elephants are.


Making my sweet little hand built ceramic elephants brings me so much joy, they are quirky interpretations of one of the most magnificent and majestic animals on the planet. 

While I've always had a massive crush on elephants from afar, my first real encounter with them was in Laos, when I travelled there to see the work of the  Elephant Conservation Centre set on the stunning Nam Tien lake, not far out of the small town of Sayaboury.  

Walking alongside the elephants during one of their daily walks into the forest, watching them playing in the lake, and seeing the care and love they were given, was an extraordinary experience, and cemented an already entrenched love of these animals.

It seemed natural that as I learned to hand build with clay over this past year that the first animal I should choose to create was going to be the elephant.


5% of the purchase price of each elephant in the shop (there are currently only 4 available), will be donated to the Elephant conservation group of your choice. 

At the time of purchase all you need to do is mention in the notes section your choice of organisation and I will forward you the official receipt of donation via email.

Please find below organisations that I know of, they are by no means the only organisations doing amazing work. 

Sheldrick Widlife Trust - Kenya - "Saving wild lives and wild places'. 

Reteti Elephant Sanctuary - Kenya - Home to the first community owned elephant orphanage in Africa

Elephant Conservation Centre - Laos - Laos's only sanctuary that offers an undisturbed natural environment.

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