A fisherman and the sea in Villefranche sur Mer, France

Copyright Millie Brown

Copyright Millie Brown

Copyright Millie Brown

Happily there appears to be at least one fisherman in Villefranche sur Mer still heading out in a pointu boat early each morning to bring his catch back to the quai, and I found him yesterday morning.

Not only did I have the pleasure of chatting with JP as well as with Frankie who repairs the nets each morning, but I also arranged to head out to sea one morning next week.  And while killing fish has never ever been my thing (I always want to throw them all back in the sea), and I suffer terribly from sea sickness, I am chomping at the bit to hit the mediterranean sea in a pointu fishing boat with my camera.

Notes to self; Pack the ginger tablets, don't get all emotional, and if going to be sick do it overboard and not on the fish of the day!

Millie xx


Map of The French Riviera

Villefranche sur mer, situated between the city of Nice and the Peninsula of Cap Ferrat.


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Some downtime in Villefranche sur Mer

Charming fishing village of Villefranche sur Mer

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